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Re: Pi Presents: Beta of a major upgrade now available

Fri May 12, 2017 8:24 pm

In case of use to anyone, you can have a look at a project I recently finalised (all free stuff!!!) using links in this post:


You can adapt the python code I wrote to do what you want, fairly easily, I hope!

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Re: Pi Presents: Beta of a major upgrade now available

Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:22 am

Hi Ken.
Just started to look at your great program, I have used Arduinos in the past so just getting to grips with Pi (now I've retired).
I am working as a volunteer for the Solent Sky Museum in Southampton and we have several projects that Pi Presents will be great for, if I can get it all working!
Ok so my question is that I need to control an NEC projector on the serial port so that it turns on with the Pi and off at the end of the day. Input select is not a problem is there a way the GPIO can control the serial port? Its the usual 9600,8,n,1. In the past I have 'hacked' the remote control and used the IR to do this, but serial control via Pi Presents would be good any clues or tips would be appreciated.

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Re: Pi Presents: Beta of a major upgrade now available

Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:04 pm

Hey Ken,

Love the software, thanks for all your hard work! I work at a museum and we are trying to implement a "spatial" media player, occupying a whole wall and utilizing capacitive triggers hidden under vinyl text.

The capacitive triggers simply emulate keyboard buttons. Here is my dilemma: I need each key to correspond to a specific video. When a key is pressed, it should end the current video and play the video corresponding to the key press. I have set it up so there are three shows, each with a single video track. The shows are toggled with numeric keys 1, 2, and 3. I can bring up each show with the corresponding key press, but I cannot figure out how to end the previous show. Is this feature supported? Alternatively I could start a show with a key hold, and end it when the key is released, but I am not sure how I would implement that either...

I really appreciate the help and the amazing software, it has made my job much easier!

Best, Jake

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Re: Pi Presents: Beta of a major upgrade now available

Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:29 am

Dear Ken

Thank you for developing this system.
Azizar wrote:
Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:14 pm
I edited /etc/default/unclutter, adding

Code: Select all


Code: Select all


That seemed to do the trick.
I'm working on touch screen presentations for my local museum and wanted to get rid of the cursor. I made these changes to /etc/default/unclutter but it made no noticeable difference. I searched for ways to remove the cursor and found this in the StackExchange Raspberry Pi forum at ... y-pi/69180
I simply added a nocursor option as follows in the file (/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf)

xserver-command = X -nocursor

and it worked as it should. No cursor is displayed whatsoever.
That line is in the [Seat:*] section of lightdm.conf. I edited /etc/default/unclutter to stop unclutter from running.


I agree with the poster of that comment - No cursor is displayed whatsoever. Of course, you can't do this if you want to use a mouse while developing a presentation on a stand-alone Pi, but I'm using VNC Viewer, so the visibility of the Pi cursor doesn't matter.


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Re: Pi Presents: Beta of a major upgrade now available

Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:39 am

Following on from my last comment, I've now removed unclutter from my installation, and to get rid of the 'not found' error message in the terminal window when I start PiPresents, I've edited to comment out the line that calls unclutter

#os.system('unclutter &')

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Re: Pi Presents: Beta of a major upgrade now available

Sun Oct 14, 2018 5:45 pm

Hello Ken!!
First of all, congratulations on such an excellent A/V utility that is amazing. I wonder if any of the malls or museums use PiP in Houston, Texas? Anyhow let me explain my problem: I am working on a diorama model that will use the Raspberry Pi 3 with a 5" touchscreen and GPIO extension card and ribbon. I am testing two video with three Push Buttons and 1 LED. On Pi Presents I want to press button 1 for the first video (Video1) to play, the second button to play the second video (Video2) and flash the LED, and button 3 to exit.

I modified a copy of pp_animate_1p3 and I was able to get the videos to play on a button press and Only Light the LED, not to flash yet. I noticed when I play a video, pressing any other button will not halt it to play the other video. I have to CTRL-Break to exit. And I need to learn if there is a procedure to make the LED flash in a 0.6 - 1.0 sec sequence (somewhere in that range) when Video2 is playing. I have considered an Raspberry Pi 3/Arduino crossover, but I would like to avoid that if possible. I have read the manual and checked online and I can't seem to find a definitive solution for this.

I plan to add 3 more videos and buttons, but for now I need to know how I can achieve to get just the videos and LED to work together on the buttons. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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