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Pi for Downloaded Netflix Movies in Minivan!?

Wed Jul 17, 2019 3:36 am

Ok, so I honestly have ZERO experience with the RPi, but my son (14) built one a couple of years ago and his is just sitting around. Getting ready to take a little family vaca and I was thinking of using his old RPi 2 to connect to our minivan as a media center. We have so few DVDs anymore and the system in our van is just DVD, but it accepts HDMI or VGA. I'm more than happy to learn and do the build, just need to know if this idea is possible. I'm not looking for someone to give me the play by play, just a yes/no on each of the following.

Here are my thoughts:

Rpi 2 (I think...he got it right before 3 came out)
HDMI or VGA output
SSD hard drive for movies and operation
AC plug is fine for power
Wireless/Blutooth mini keyboard
*Google's Chromebook OS ---> that way I can just download movies to the drive from Netflix, Vudu, Google Play apps

Could I download movies from any of the above sources w/o Google's OS? Or does someone recommend a better OS for this use?
Any definitive Yes or No on the above would be helpful. Don't want to invest too much time into it if it's not possible! Thanks for reading and hopefully contributing! :D

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Re: Pi for Downloaded Netflix Movies in Minivan!?

Wed Jul 17, 2019 12:32 pm

Have a look at libreelec:

It's a ready built media player OS for Pi. It uses kodi as the fornt end.

HDMI output would be easiest as VGA requires additional hardware.
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