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Webserver for watching network cameras

Thu Jun 20, 2019 9:07 am

we have 8 network cameras that stream over RTSP protocol (H264 and MPEG4). We use RPi2B which displays image from 4 cameras on TV using omxplayer. This works excellent, CPU+resources usage is really low.

However, we would like to install some kind of easy webserver too on this RPi where we could watch all 8 cameras remotely in the browser (i.e. 4 cams on TV with omxplayer + all cams over web). No special functions are required (maybe password protection).

We tried to install "motion" and after disabling motion detection it does exactly what we need - it displays 8 tiles with preconfigured cameras in the web browser and access to the website is password protected. But the problem is that even when motion detection is disabled, the CPU usage is very high all the time - even when nobody is connected to the webserver, so it probably does some image processing all the time.

Is there any simple software/webserver we could use for this? Thank you for any ideas.

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