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camera center when using modes

Fri Apr 12, 2019 12:08 am

I'm using raspivid piped to gstreamer which is working fine to do my tests and I'm using the ov5647 sensor from the spycam

I've noticed that the mode 1 which is the 1920x1080 partial fov does not grab the pixels centered on the sensor. Is there a way to change this? I tested this by getting an image from the video using mode 5 that gives me the full fov of the sensor and grabbing an image of the mode 1 which gives me the partial fov so I can layer them in gimp and see where they should fit. The image represents what I did to match the images.

The scaling is close enough and I'm having more of an issue with the starting position of the pixels. the X seems to be centered but the Y is not centered in mode 1 and is instead closer to the bottom. I had expected the modes to get their pixels from the center of the sensor. Is this not the case with the rpi and mmal?

Blue = mode 5
Red = mode 1
Should the Red be centered on the blue? If not is there a way to change it so I can center the Blue on the Red?

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