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Streaming and play audio (to a website?)

Mon Feb 18, 2019 12:12 pm

I am currently trying to connect my "door phone" to my raspberry pi. I managed to control the opening part through the gpio (in the future I want to open it from a localhost website).

The next step is to connect the actual phone part to my raspberry. I have connected the phone wires to a jack (audio and mic). Now I want to connect this to my raspberry pi in such a way that if I'm on my network I can visit a website and use my phone/laptop as the door phone.

So the speaker from doorphone should be 'streamed' to audio on the website, audio input on website should be send back into the jack as if it is the microphone.

Is this possible? What is the best way to configure this? Or is the website structure not a good way to use this?

It would be best if I could add it to in the future!

For people who are interested, this is the door phone electrical scheme; ... V1xN5n.pdf

Thanks in advance!

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