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Searching for a touchscreen H6,6;W7,6 for Raspberry pi 3

Sat Jul 07, 2018 9:03 am


My new project is to reuse the case from our old Philips Streamium MCI730 (My wife love the design and hate my onkyo 606sr) with a Raspberry Pi and a 140Watts 2.1 amp, but my first problem is to find a Touch screen with the dimension like below and if it is possible then the screen must be appart from the controller board, because there is no room for it in the housing.

Philips Streamium MCI730 -
Height=6,6 cm. Width=7,6 cm. D= 4 mm.
Visible area H=5,5 & W=6,9 cm.

The Philips Streamium MCI730 is all working, but no spotify etc or other nice custumized app. :-/

I have been looking alot for a Raspberry compatible Touch screen to replace the original screen without any luck.

Hope anybody can help

Best regard

Johnny Christiansen

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