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Video displays with minimal leads

Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:12 pm

Hi all,
I'm creating a multi video display piece for a small art installation (sculpture) I'm guessing I need a Pi for each display as they are playing different videos? I would like the Pi and any driver board etc hidden in the sculpture's base so they are not seen. I have considered hiding the pi behind the display, but as the sculpture is visible from the front and side I don't want all the gubbins visible so its as minimal as possible.

I have 3 quick questions:

1). If I use a standard non-touch screen can I power it without the ribbon connector, just HDMI and USB for power? as I don't want the leads too visible in the work. Any product recomendations for a simple display without case?

2). Also to run videos (looped) I guess I would reduce them down to the screen resolution in my video editing software and play them from the sd card as mp-4 using Omxplayer?

3). Would I need to use a Pi 3 B+ or could I just use a Zero for this project, needs to run I guess at around 50 fps with a normal refresh rate.

Sorry if these are silly questions as this is my first venture into the Pi world..

Thank you

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