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Is the HMDI interface capable of HDR10?

Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:26 pm

Is the HDMI graphical interface on the Raspberry PI 3 capable of outputting the HRD10 meta data? I have been thinking of making a video test pattern generator with the Pi3 :D

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Re: Is the HMDI interface capable of HDR10?

Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:22 am

Did you ever find out about this? I'm curious as well. I'm pretty sure the 3 B+ is still HDMI v1.3a but my understanding is that the HDR metadata is baked into a 444 signal; it just exists outside the visual frame. And since this isn't trying to send real HDR video content, the full high res data rate isn't needed. Just sending a single pattern would only need a very small refresh rate, and therefore, a very small data throughput, so I'm wondering it the 3 B+ would still be capable. I think the minimum for HDR10 only needs 1080p at 60hz with a data rate of 4 Gb/s while non-HDR at 1080p/60hz only needs 3.2 Gb/s. So I assume the extra 0.8 Gb/s has something to do with the extra metadata. Regardless, that's well within the pi's HDMI v1.3a capability which is 8.16 Gb/s.

I'm imaging something like the HDR metadata existing in the space between a physical resolution and a virtual resolution as it's piped to a raw frame buffer.

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