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Using MACbook pro as a monitor, keyboard and mouse for the raspi using a ethernet cable and no internet conection.

Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:05 pm

Hi all,

It's my first post here and my first post on any forum on internet, so first of all sorry if I'm not doing it properly...

I've been looking for this topic on the raspberry pi forum quite a lit and I didn't find anythig that help me.

What I'm trying to do is to connect my raspberry 3 to my mac using an ethernet cable, in order to use my macbook as a monitor, keyboard and a mouse for the raspberry.

I've been able to SSH trought an ethernet cable my raspi, and I've insalled, X11 in both of the machines, the macbook pro and the raspberry pi 3.

I've also changed in the SSH_Config and sshd_config the lines:

ForwardX11 no

ForwardX11Trusted no


ForwardX11 yes

ForwardX11Trusted yes

But I wasn't able to display the raspberry in my mac usin the X11 server.

Even so, I've been able to display my raspberry, on my macbook using VNC. The macbook was connected to Internet via wifi, and the Raspberry pi was connected to the macbook with an ethernet cable (wifi was off in the raspberry). The point is that, when I turned off wifi on the macbook pro, the display of the raspberry pi stopped.

I need to display the raspberry in the macbook without an internet access.

If you need any other information just say it!!

Thanks a lot in advanced.

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