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pi-timolo Release 9.0 adds python3 support and optional plugins

Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:13 am

pi-timolo Release 9.0
pi-timolo (timelapse, motion tracking and low light) project now has an optional plugins feature
Plugins configure pi-timolo for special tasks by overlaying the plugin variables over the current settings. Plugin Files can be found in the pi-timolo/plugins subfolder. You can customize a particular plugin or create your own.
For details about plugins see ... se-Plugins
python3 is now supported if opencv is installed per details here ... -3-support
Latest version includes script to install rclone. ... up-rclone

pi-timolo Description
pi-timolo is a python picamara module application for a Raspberry PI computer (RPI). A RPI camera module must be attached. pi-timolo can take timelapse and motion detection images/videos, separately or together. Takes Long exposure Night (lowlight) images for Time Lapse and/or Motion. Has smooth twilight transitions based on a threshold light setting, so a real time clock is not required. Customization settings are saved in a and conf files. The application is primarily designed for headless operation and includes that can securely synchronize files with a users google drive. This works well for remote security cameras. Camera settings can be administered remotely from a google drive using Includes to create timelapse or motion lapse videos from images, to convert/combine h264 to mp4 format, a simple minumum or no setup web server to view images or videos and to admin settings and stop start pi-timolo and webserver as background tasks.
see Github Wiki for More Details
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