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Stationary media player

Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:15 am

First time I am making a post on these forums.

I am looking for some guidance or I guess suggestions on a project that I have in mind.
My idea is simple, and maybe I've missed others covering a similar project of mine but...

I want to build a stationary (discrete) media player in the kitchen, where I can easily control the very basic functions of music and playlists - with an display showing what songs I am playing.

Preferably, I would like to build it a 'Raspberry Pi Zero W' and with a display, with a case that enclosures everything.
If it's a touchscreen or not doesn't matter, or if I can program some buttons to be 'play' and 'next song', etc.
I simply want an Spotify player (example), where I can start, stop, next song, previous song, etc - that uses my Sonos system.

I've done a couple of different projects with Raspberry Pi's but I am considering myself a novice so please bare with me.

To clarify what I am not interested in... to avoid misunderstandings:
I am not interested in making an internet pirate radio
I am not interested in any web interfaces or remote control by phone/app.
I am not interested in any speakers plugged into the RPi
I am not interested in replacing my Sonos with this project

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