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smarthome with hifi-system

Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:59 pm

Hey there im new to this forum and i dont know if this topic already exists (btw im sorry if this post comes two times but the last one got lost somewhere i think)

Anyways here is my problem:
I want to build a hifi-system to which my raspberry shall be the data base for mp3 files and spotify and stuff. Basically to manage what input comes out of the hifi-system in the end. I think about using the Hifi-Berry or something similar if there is somthing that fits more to what i want to do.

So firstly i don't really know how i can create an input with for example a 3.5 jack plug so that i get and audio signal from an external device (smartphone or something) to the raspberry and the raspberry then gives it to the amp/hifi-system.

And secondly does anyone know if the Hifi-Berry uses all the GPIO-pins or not so i can use some of them to control some LED stripes or is there any different or better way to control them?

I am thankful for every idea or answer to these questions

Greetings jogurt

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Re: smarthome with hifi-system

Sun Sep 17, 2017 4:46 pm

First posts are moderated by a human so can take some time to appear.

Have you done any research for your project?

RPis have no analogue inputs. If you want to input analogue audio you need an external audio ADC. For example a USB sound card.

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