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Remote LCD TV takeover

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 8:59 am
by nommo
I'm at work and my wife is at home... my RasPi is always plugged into our Samsung LCD (Anynet) TV via HDMI and the TV is either on or on standby in the morning... I now have direct ssh access (hurrah for port 443!).

I want to send messages of my undying love to my wife on the TV... I could get YT to play a romantic video or something - but if I wanted to be more creative? Or geeky? :ugeek:

I guess I am asking for help with two aspects of this:

1. How would I be able to make sure the RasPi wakes up and takes over the TV? (like it does every time I reboot it)? Anynet?

2. What programmes could I write to send words/pictures etc to the TV? I am hoping to go beyond a "hello world" but that might be a good place to start!


Re: Remote LCD TV takeover

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 9:15 am
by malakai
Here's a few sites to check out not sure if they work but it's a try ... a-ssh.html ... t-for-ssh/

As far as waking up the screen that I don't know about.

Re: Remote LCD TV takeover

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 9:32 am
by ghans
Well , you're in for some learning !

Do you know any programming languages ? Everthing is supported , except
for some fancy Microsoft .net stuff.

Else I suggest Python.

I'd suggest having the Pi always on , instead having a wake-on circuit (which you would
have to solder yourself) . C'mon , it takes only 3.5 Watt !

Anynet is built on top of CEC , which is supported by the Pi.
I fear that it is only usable through C/C++ though. Do some googling like
"libcec python" or "CEC with python".

On python itself:
There are many ways to accomplish your goal. Perhaps too many.
You should plan some time for "serious learning".
There is PyQt , which you could use , or Pi3D or PyGame. Googling
and browsing code on will give you a overview.