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Monitor 2 webcams locally

Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:00 pm

Hi, I'm working on a small project where I would like to monitor 2 webcams (Trust Spotlight Pro) on a lcd monitor connected by hdmi to a raspberry pi 3b.

The webcams are connected by usb to the pi, so the whole system should workswithout IP-camera's etc.
Pretty basic and pretty simple I would think.

I tried VLC but the framerate is to bad.

I'm happy with GUVCview, it shows a decent framerate (about 20 to 25 fps) when showing video form the 2 camera's simultaneously in 2 separate GUVCview instances.

When booted up, the lcd-monitor would have to show both video streams as some kind of split screen.
But when GUVCview starts, it's window pops up at a random position. I would like to have it pop up at a predefined position with a predifined size.

Or maybe I can embed the streams in a local browser and show the 2 video streams simultaneously that way.

I've searched for some info on both idea's but can't find any help.

Please help, and other usefull suggestions are welcome too!


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Re: Monitor 2 webcams locally

Sat Feb 11, 2017 12:53 pm

You might have to write your own? I was searching for gucview (via a search for webcam control on Linux) so found your post...
If you do, the only python interfaces for webcams I have found so far are in pygame and opencv.
There are some examples of pygame and cameras posted elsewhere.

The one in pygame look to be fluid (may change), so I am going to look at opencv.

I want to use a cheap webcam for motion detection alongside a picamera on a web viewer. (similar requirement, but different).

Anyone else?

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