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Seamless Video Looping with Audio

Fri Oct 21, 2016 3:58 pm


I have seen the other "looping" methods but not SEAMLESS with AUDIO:
viewtopic.php?f=38&t=8042&start=125 ... ping-video

do we have a method for that? with omxplayer on RPI2 B+ etc? Also, what is the idea compression/codec for omxplayer? I have read somewhere that there are a bunch of different omxplayer forks, one of which might do seamless looping with audio? but what one?

this is for art installations so seamless looping is required.

As a side note with Pd/GEM combo seamless looping is easy:
(1) one separates video and audio: video = PHOTO-JPEG & audio = WAV
(2) one drives the video frame-by-frame based on audio sample position if WAV 44100 samples per second and VID plays at 30 FPS then for every 1470 audio samples play 1 frame.

this would be ok solution but it would be better is a player would omxplayer would do this because AFAIK Pd/GEM combo needs X and will not run directly from command line. And at thins point i am not sure GEM will even run on RPI2 B+...


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Re: Seamless Video Looping with Audio

Mon Oct 24, 2016 5:39 pm

You could give my program info-beamer pi a try. It can seamlessly loop video files with audio. Due to a firmware bug in the Pi which I can't fix this currently only works with analog output.

To run the demo, download info-beamer pi and follow the simply setup instructions in the README. Then fetch the linked seamless loop code from github and put it in a directory. Optionally add your own video files to that directory. Then run info-beamer like this:

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$ info-beamer /path/to/your/directory
info-beamer hosted - A user and programmer friendly digital signage platform for the Pi:

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