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Replacing the insides of the Revo Pico Radio Station with Pi

Fri Mar 04, 2016 9:24 am

My project is about replacing the proprietary circuit boards inside this DAB/Internet Radio so that newer codecs can be supported.

Details of the original radio: ... 65277.html ... ion-review

I'm posting here just to see what your thoughts are, any welcome. I feel prepared to research this myself but any advice or similar experiences welcome.

Background: This product served me well for over 6 years since 2009 but in recent months I have not been able to receive Jazz FM (sorry I know it's my taste, I listen to lots of other stations too:) ) for example as they now use AAC as a codec which is not supported by the RadioStation.

So, I am going to replace the closed proprietary hardware with a Raspberry Pi 3 or v2. With a quad-core ARM processor with ample general purpose expansion through the pins (GP I/Os or GPIO) and a impressive thermal profile, this open platform will reverse the obsolescence with the current Silicon Frontier internals, and support just about any codec, now and in the future. Moreover, there is a FM/DAB module for the Raspberry Pi. Bluetooth and Wifi are also supported. The completed project will mean that the radio looks exactly the same as before but the innards are entirely different, but the functionality the same, supporting new codecs.

To do this, the main challenges are to hook up the front panel button interface, Infrared and Dot matrix display to the appropriate pins on the Pi for it to communicate with them correctly. I know that there are other solutions that you can get in terms of such displays and buttons etc so in theory, using those that come with the radio should also work with the Pi.

I will also be replacing the rechargeable battery, hopefully with replacable AA or AAA rechargeable batteries which are charged via USB, with the appropriate hardware.

With some close study of these components and trial and error, it may be possible to achieve this communication. However, what could accelerate this process would be to have the component numbers at least to look these up in catalogs of component suppliers to then find the datasheets, or even better to find the data sheets themselves.

This could be very ambitious with lack of technical data but given the increasing obsolescence of the existing radio I feel it is a worthwhile journey to learn some things, even it doesn't quote work out, as well as potential satisfaction if successful.

Some might say: "Why don't I just..." ...follow one of the guides on building internet radios for the Pi. Answer: I really like this product, the design is simple, clean and attractive without the cliches and looks like a real radio. I don't think that other projects quite have this polished design. I like the challenge of rebuilding something/repurposing something to make it last.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

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Re: Replacing the insides of the Revo Pico Radio Station wit

Thu Jun 23, 2016 10:32 am

Did you ever have any joy with this project?

I also have a Revo Pico RS, but don't have problems with Jazz FM (I get transmissions from Crystal Palace, although surely this would not affect / determine the codec encoding?)

Only other thought that crossed my mind is that soon after I bought the unit I downloaded a software upgrade.

The version I'm using is: ir-mmi.hp.ven6-picoradiostation_V1.3.11.18629-1A15

So, if relevant, I wonder if Revo might still be able to supply the upgrade. If I recall it was an Internet download which the unit handled automatically upon selecting Software Upgrade. Of course Revo might not have the upgrade available for download now, but if one were to ask nicely, you never know....

Of course, this maybe all be water under the bridge for you by now.

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