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Local Video Kiosk

Wed Feb 24, 2016 3:53 am

I have a Raspberry Pi 2 B hooked up to a Microsoft Lifecam and an HDMI monitor, end goal is to display the Webcam on the Monitor in real-time. I used MJPG-Streamer to capture video, output to HTTP, and set omxplayer to view localhost and it works great, except it's about 3 seconds behind live. Is there any way I can shorten the gap so that it's as close to real-time as possible?

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Re: Local Video Kiosk

Wed Feb 24, 2016 12:11 pm

If you want to just view live, then guvcview or similar are the lightest weight apps for that. Anything that encodes, transmits, and decodes the data will add latency.
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