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Bluetooth Hearing Aid

Fri Dec 04, 2015 5:21 am


I'm really new at posting something like this, and i'm not good at English writing (I'm from S.Korea).
So, I'm glad if you understand my situations :)

My goal is to make 'Hearing aid' using Rpi, Android and blutooth.
Algoritm :
1.Using USB mic, input voice data and send it to android using blutooth.
2.Then, in the android, I will process data using Java Studio.(like, equlizer or volume)
3.Finally, get processed data from andriod and play it.

it dosen''t need to work accurate or fast. I just want to operate.

Here what I did:
-Using USB microphone and Alsaaudio, I could send 'Int' data to Android. However, this data was not i want. I want VOICE data.
-> This is my USB headphone with MIC.
-> This is 'Bluetooth Chat Example' in Andriod. I use python to send data.

Here is my Questions.
1.How do I send Voice data to Android using bluetooth? It must be 'Streming'.
2.How do I receve it?


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