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GSM to Asterisk

Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:00 pm

I've this situation:
I currently live in UK, but i'm italian. I've also a girlfriend there ( :oops: ), and we call each other a lot via normal cell phones, wasting a lot of money. I know that there's a lot of other way to communicate free, but i could teach her Skype, but not to my parents (and they have free unlimited calls to my italian number).
So i'd like to take a huawei 3g modem, with voice calls enabled, plug to a RPi and put in my home in italy, so the cellphone is in italy and there's no roaming fees.
The RPi should act as a translator from/to a voip line, that ends to an app on my smartphone. so i can use my data plan (or WiFi) to make/receive call.
Now i think that all can be done using asterisk, but i'm really new to asterisk world so i've no idea where to start and if it's doable.
The other way I've seen is an heavily modified version of mumble. I would run murmur (or better umurmur) and mumble client on the Pi, and mumble on my phone. The changes that i-ve to make in both client and server are 1) send/receive SMS and 2)enable dialing a telephone numeber.
Do you think is doable? have u any hints?

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Re: GSM to Asterisk

Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:40 pm

It seems a lot of trouble just for the sake of cheap phone calls not to mention your electric bills.
There are other options too worth considering like Google Voice and Skype call forwarding all for a small fee.
With Skype you can assign a phone number to a Skype account so basically every time you call it (your parents Skype account) your voice calls are diverted to an actual cell / mobile phone or land line like regular phone call.

Richard S.

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Re: GSM to Asterisk

Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:51 pm

As redhawk said it's a lot of work for cheap calls.
It's may be easier to buy dedicated GSM2VoIP gateway.
But in principle it's doable.
I've managed to do that on openwrt so it should work with rpi as well

What you need is to compile one of the channel drivers for huawei.
You have two options chan-datacard or asterisk-chan-dongle
I've used this one
But this one is slightly newer and seems to be maintained recently

Good luck and you managed to compile it maybe you could release raspbian package for it.


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Re: GSM to Asterisk

Fri Aug 17, 2012 9:22 pm

It would be easiest to put some Asterisk (Elastix for example) on a PC, and plug in USB modem. I have done so. I am now in US. I call some US number which is on my Asterisk in Serbia, and Asterisk calls any number in Serbia. I pay only US and Serbia national cost.
There is some tutorial on It is on Serbian, but if you know something about Linux, you can manage it.

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