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Streaming to Youtube and a Raspberry Pi

Wed Sep 16, 2015 8:58 pm

Ok, so here's the deal...

I (along with a few other people) stream our school's football games to youtube with a few cameras and a Newtek Tricaster. Just recently, a local cable company asked us if we could push a feed to their community access channel. The problem is, we have to come up with the solution to deliver the video to them, while still pushing a feed to youtube. My first thought was to set up an RTMP server on the pi and give it to them, but the tricaster can only stream to one server at a time, so we wouldn't be able to stream to youtube. My current idea it to find some sort of streaming client that doesn't add any junk to the output and stream it from youtube. Does anybody know of any of these clients, or if they exist at all? Does anyone have any other solutions? I would like to have something that they could just plug in and have work. Thanks for your help in advance!


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Re: Streaming to Youtube and a Raspberry Pi

Thu Sep 17, 2015 5:06 am

I had some recent experience with a Newtek Tricaster, very buggy systems for what they are advertised to be.
Not sure if the Tricaster can be configured to be the host of the rtmp stream, but if this is possible, you can easily fetch it with ffmpeg/gstreamer and rebroadcast it to a few places with a couple of instances of the software you choose. Otherwise you can configure a nginx server with a rtmp module to feed the stream to and then rebroadcast it using the same method.

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