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Streaming jukebox Deezer support

Sun Jun 07, 2015 9:22 am

Hi guys, I've been using my model b Pi as a media centre running openelec up until recently. I'm looking to repurpose it as a sort of jukebox for my stereo system. I've seen lots of promising projects (squeeze lite, mopidy, rune audio etc) but a lot seem to lack Deezer support which is kind of a deal breaker for me unfortunately after a few years with the service and a large number of customised playlists. Checking the Deezer website there seems to be some info for developers here - unfortunately I don't have the programming skills to do much with it but I wonder if someone else here does? I'd be more than happy to be a tester!

Getting back to the rest of the project, my requirements are below if anyone can point me in the right direction for a good project for my needs?

-Deezer streaming support
-Tunein radio support
-playback of music from a nas share or dlna server
-Android app control or web browser control from pc

Optional additions
*independent touchscreen support for control in future which could potentially double as a music video playback screen
*Web browser to play music streams from other websites

Any thoughts on projects that may suit my needs or could be created? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Streaming jukebox Deezer support

Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:25 pm


I’m searching also for a headless Deezer-Player for the Raspberrry Pi with remote control through a smartphone app. I think to develop the smartphone app is not the problem but the other side is a problem in my eyes.

I have looked out the Deezer developer site, there is a HTTP REST API available but this API only offers access to 30 seconds previews of the songs but you can set up Playlists etc. and browse through the Deezer content through them. To access the tracks you must use the Javascript SDK for webapps or the iOS/Android SDK for mobile apps. I have no idea how to use a Javascript SDK in a normal linux program written in C/C++/Python …

Maybe someone can help to solve this problem, then I can try to develop a Player for the Raspi …
Sorry for my English ;)

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Re: Streaming jukebox Deezer support

Fri Nov 20, 2015 11:31 pm

Have you tried

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Re: Streaming jukebox Deezer support

Sun Dec 13, 2015 12:06 pm

I had exactly the same requirements (deezer, tunein radio, streaming from backend server, etc.)

I have found that the combination of squeezelite and jive lite (both based on Logitech's open source squeeze player) fit perfectly. Squeezelite is for headless audio streaming, live lite is an optional graphical interface that works with raspi touch screens.

They are included in 2 raspberry pi pre-built packages that are really easy to install:

- max2play
- piCorePlayer

Both packages support most sound cards from hifiberry, iqaudio (I use both in my setup), cirrus logic and others (check first, of course).

I could not make the touch interface of jive lite work with piCorePlayer, but it still works well as a display. With max2play everything works fine (some tweaking required). You can also hack it together yourself on raspbian or arch Linux if you are so inclined.

The squeezelite/jive lite combo adds up to something that has much more functionality than what I expected. In fact, it is the best and most flexible multi-room audio streaming system I have ever seen, including commercial ones.

Here's a list of what you get:

- touch interface on raspi using jive lite
- remote control on Mac/PC/linux with jive lite or squeeze player (also provides playback)
- apps on iOS and android: squeezebox controller and ipeng
- web interface for playback (provided by Logitech media server)
- web interface for configuration (with max2pay or piCorePlayer)

Multi-room audio:
- cast to raspi, pc, Mac, Linux, iOS, android players
- cast from raspi, pc, Mac, Linux with Logitech media server or squeezecast
- choose which source to use with each player
- play separately on each player, or sync any players to play the same thing
- very responsive to remote control (stop/start/volume change execute almost without lag)

Streaming services:
Streaming services can be added to the system with squeezeplay "apps". For this you need a Logitech account though (it is free). The following services are available:
- Deezer
- Spotify
- Tidal
- Tunein radio
- SomaFM
- SHOUTcast
- ... and many other less known services

This adds up to the best and most versatile home music setup I've ever used, or in fact ever seen :) you can use headless players, players with display and touch interface, any computer you already have, and integrate them into a single system wich you can remote control from anywhere, your phone, a pc you work on, anything. You can stream from any source you have. The interface is nice too. For each player, you can chose what sound quality you want, whether you want digital or analog output, amped or not amped, etc (of course, this is a flexibility afforded by the pi itself, not the software, but the software supports your choices). Heck, you can build a dedicated wall-mounted remote control for the entire setup wit the pi and a touch screen (which is my next project, and a quite simple one - I just need to buy a touch screen for one of my existing pi-s and install max2play on it to run jive lite only).

Hope this was helpful.

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Re: Streaming jukebox Deezer support

Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:31 am

I cannot seem to get my account to sync with my pi as player. Which means I cannot access any apps. I am trying to get Deezer to work but if I don't see my pi as a player on the website, I cannot access it from the app. Any ideas?

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