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tool for setting console overscan at after boot (if using kms)

Fri May 14, 2021 7:51 pm

If you don't use X11 it's impossible to set the overscan values after boot, or at least it was. Any suggestion of using fbset for this, for instance, is completely wrong. I'd reference old posts about that issue on this forum or even post this to them but since the great locking debacle there's no point.

if you have kms loaded it's possible to set the overscan "margins" using the kms proptest program but it's cumbersome. So I wrote a short C program to do it.


margin 50 100

it's applied instantaneously, independent of mode, and does not persist between reboots, which is actually ideal for me. Works with KMS; fkms works too but the IDs need updating, see code. If there's demand I could make a version that works for both kms and fkms out of the box.
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