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Slideshow with RSS

Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:36 pm

I am currently working on a project trying to make a simple picture slideshow for a few info screens around the office complex. The picture slideshow itself is working of a bash script that runs feh and it is administrated using ssh and gets the pictures from a samba folder. This works fine but the problem i am facing now is how to go about implementing a rss feed that is supposed too roll over the screen at the bottom.

Feh is only a picture viewer as far as i know, so do i need too create a new setup to be able too get the rss feed going? Or are there any other FREE solutions out there? I have been trying too google this but i am yet to find something decent that actually works as of today. So i am in desperate need of some assistance.

I know there are programs that do this allready, but all of these cost money as far as i know and therefor not a option. Is there anyone in this forum that have any expirience getting a slideshow with rss feed to work i would be more than happy too hear how you solved that.

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