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H264 intra prediction modes with MMAL

Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:54 am

I use the MMAL API and Raspberry Pi 3 to encoder a YUV420 video to h264 baseline profile. That works successfully. But for my use case I need to get the h264 in a special format, which does not include 4x4 intra-prediction mode diagonal-down-left and vertical-left.
I tried to disable the 4x4 intra prediction by setting MMAL_PARAMETER_VIDEO_ENCODER_H264_MB_INTRA_MODES_T to MMAL_VIDEO_ENCODER_H264_MB_16x16_INTRA but there are still 4x4 predictions remaining in my h264 frame.
Unfortunately I have not found a MMAL specification, so I don’t know which parameters I have to set to reach my goal.
Does MMAL provides the opportunity to disable the intra prediction mode of 4x4 or to avoid the diagonal-down-left and vertical-left modes?

Thanks for help

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