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Help with Ciseco XRF and Slice of Radio

Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:23 am

I have recently bought some Ciseco RF kit, with the aim to making some sort of autonomous robot which is remotely commanded from my Raspberry Pi.

I am pretty new to programming on the Pi, so this is going to be an audacious task, but have made a couple of successful applications using the Slice of Pi/o and a 16x2 LCD using Python, so I am growing in confidence with every step.
However, I am struggling to move forwards with the RF kit, and I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for some step by step instructions.

I am trying to get the following equipment to work:
- Raspberry Pi (v2) which is fitted with a Slice of Radio (v1.2)
- An XBee shaped XRF, fitted to an XBBO breakout board, powered by a 5V power supply. I have the jumper on the XBBO breakout board set to option 1.
- An XINO Basic with ATMEGA 328P-PU with Arduino Duemilanove Bootloader

I have managed to get the Slice of Radio working(ish) on the RPi, in that I can send it commands using Minicom and as I type +++ I get an “OK” response and the Tx light flashes on the Slice of Radio for a second or two. However, I had assumed that when doing this with the remote XRF and XBBO powered, I would get some activity lights flashing on the XBBO LEDs as the Slice of Radio communicates with the remote device, which I don’t (I just see the heartbeat LED flashing as normal). I have read that the XRF needs to be connected to a microprocessor to make it return a message like this, but I still get no response when it is connected to the XINO basic.

Basically, I am slightly confused as to how I “Pair” the Slice of Radio to the remote XRF and whether I need to connect the XBBO and XRF to a PC to program it in any way before use. The Ciseco shop webpage for the XRF seems to state that it should work out of the box and that the XRF and Slice of Radio are pre-programmed to the same frequency (868 MHz) and a baud rate of 9600. I have followed the Ciseco guides for configuring the Pi and Slice of Radio, and have also followed the guide to configure the system to work with ArduinoIDE over the RF link, but I still don’t see any evidence of a connection with the remote XRF/XBBO/XINO kit.

I have seen that there is a Raspberry Pi Wireless Inventors Kit and that this comes with some software called “WIK” that allows beginners to programme the XINO-RF. Am I right in thinking that I could try using the “WIK” software to test my kit, despite the fact that the RF unit is on a separate board and not mounted on the XINO as it is with the XINO-RF supplied with the RasWIK package?

If the above paragraph is correct, am I right in thinking that I could simply download the Ciseco wheezy image and that WIK will work out of the box from with my configuration?

I have read loads of different guides and have confused myself, so any helps of tips will be greatly appreciated. Please don’t see this as a lack of research on my part, but just that this is all new to me and there is lots of bits of advice scattered around.

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Re: Help with Ciseco XRF and Slice of Radio

Fri Jun 06, 2014 6:35 pm


I tried the RasWIK, but sadly it still doesn't work!

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Re: Help with Ciseco XRF and Slice of Radio

Sat Jun 07, 2014 7:28 am


Looking at the ... d-modules/ page. it does not state that it needs a personality change as some of the other sensor/switches do, I would assume that it will work out the box, if you post on the ciseco support forum ... t?Itemid=0 they will get back to you with an answer they are quiet during the weekend though.

I have been using the slice of radio and the ARF realy board and it's been fine.

if you do need to change the personality you will need to get the explorer pluss ... u-etc-exp/

what llap commands have you tried to send to the XBBO?

Hope this helps.

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Re: Help with Ciseco XRF and Slice of Radio

Sat Jun 07, 2014 8:05 am

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, although I have applied for a login for the Openmicros forum (on Thursday), I am still awaiting for the account to be activated by their administrators. Looking at the administrators activity, none of them have been online since Thursday morning, so clearly the forum isn't as active as this one :lol:

I have tried sending various LLAP messages using the RasWIK software, but alas, although the TX light flashes on the slice of Radio, there is no activity or response on the XRF. Maybe the unit is duff!

I have decided to attack the problem from the other direction. I have bought an FTDI from ebay ( ... OC:GB:3160) and made up a small circuit to add a reset capacitor and change the FTDI pinouts from the 6 pin to 5 pin arrangement suitable for the XINO (using this to copy the design ( ... 233b74bafa).

I am going to try to program the XINO using the FTDI with a script that transmits something over the XRF, and see if the activity lights flash. If it doesn't, I will send it back, and if it does, I will see if I can read them on the Pi side.

However, if anyone else has any tips to get the XRF working (in advance of the FTDI being delivered), then please keep them coming.


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Re: Help with Ciseco XRF and Slice of Radio

Wed Oct 08, 2014 5:06 pm

Have You powered xino? [flash] :?: :!: :)

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Re: Help with Ciseco XRF and Slice of Radio

Thu Dec 18, 2014 12:25 pm

Hi there, I've had a similar experience, having installed the Slice of Radio onto my RPi B+ and tried the various introductory exercises I was happy that everything was working. I then installed Arduino 1.0.6 on my PC and uploaded the Blink sketch. Two days later, I set up the RPi again and found that the Xino wouldn't communicate with the RPi - but would blink!

I've since uploaded the WikSketch (1.02) from the PC onto the Xino and, although, when I send a command from the RPi the TX LED flashes on the Xino, there is no other response. Any advice, please?

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