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Pi , java, android, ios based home automation framework

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 11:59 am
by ineffective
Hello there!
I wanted to share my recent working with my fellow berry's.

I created a project on github:

that allows for controlling power plugs via your smartphone. For now all one can do is add plugs and control them but i intend to greatly enhance this.

I want:
- grouping
- users
- usertracking (via some sensoring, maybe nfc for login/out or checking if smartphone is in wireless)
- timers
- enterprise process manageent based logic (thats where camunda will come in)

My setup:

pi + 433mhz + wifi
433mhz elro power plugs

Software: (all inverted are names and can easily be googled for more info)
- Java (8 early acces with hardware float calc)
- Spring MVC for REST Services and all my logic (doing all my heavy lifting)
- H2 Database (lightweight again)
- Jetty server (nice and light)
- RCSwitch & wiringPi doing the low level stuff. I rewrote some of the RCSwitch since it only allowed certain forms of Plug Codes (e.g. not allowing 01010 but only 01000 or 00010 so only one 1 allowed. mine allows any combination)
- ionicframework for the frontend together with angularjs

you can check out my current state here: ... QRLneobKMW

and a quick glance at the smartphone UI is here: ... Qw9RK2RV8s

Let me know if anyone has interest in this sort of thing? Wants to help or join me on my quest, thats what github is for