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Ethercat Master on Raspberry Pi

Posted: Thu Dec 26, 2013 10:51 am
by ranpitime
an easy way to use the Raspberry Pi as Ethercat Master is to use CODESYS

see here:
or this

How is that possible?

Steps to use it (you Need CODESYS for it):
1. Register here and download CODESYS V3.5SP4
-> install it
then download the Raspberry Pi Image here: ... ry-pi.html

boot the pi with that, now yoou could scan the raspberry Pi

Very good for training and education purpose... beside ethercat
ModbusTCP / Master & Slave
Ethernet / IP Scanner
Using PIFace
Using PICam (Trigger Images by plc...)
Webvisu which is executable on Android's and IPhone/Ipad
is possible...

If anyone need a debian package for installing the plc on his existing Image you need to ask [email protected] for
codesyscontrol_V3.5.4.0.deb ...

Re: Ethercat Master on Raspberry Pi

Posted: Mon Dec 30, 2013 5:36 am
by ranpitime
here the full link: ... pi-sl.html
& Profinet Master will come soon
already possible now:
-Ethernet IP Scanner
-Mobus TCP Master
-Mobus TCP Slave
-Mobus RTU Master
-Modbus RTE Slave
-PiFace using by PLC
-I2C devices
-SPI devices
-Using PiCAM by plc
-Webvisualisation with SSL support