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CODESYS on Raspberry PI

Fri Dec 20, 2013 3:28 pm

using Raspberry PI as plc with CODESYS V3 is now possible and available:

Steps to use it:
1. Register here and download CODESYS V3.5SP4
-> install it
then download the Raspberry Pi Image here:
http://store.codesys.com/codesys-contro ... ry-pi.html
boot the pi with that, now yoou could scan the raspberry Pi

Install the package in CODESYS (Package Manager)
Many CODESYS examples are included with that Package:
(After installing the Package you'll find the examples here:
"c:\Users\<yourname>\CODESYS Control for Raspberry PI" )
What is possible?
ModbusTCP / Master & Slave
Ethernet / IP Scanner
Using PIFace
Using PICam (Trigger Images by plc...)
Webvisu which is executable on Android's and IPhone/Ipad

If anyone need a debian package for installing the plc on his existing image you need to ask [email protected] for
codesyscontrol_V3.5.4.0.deb ...

have fun!

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