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Artificial Intelligence for the Raspberry Pi 4 2020

Mon Apr 20, 2020 4:45 pm

I into robotics and I wanted to do a pi project for a while. One thing I want to learn is AI. I know that the pi itself is not powerful enough for a lot of stuff, but there should be something it can do. What kind of software is available and how do I get started? Please list ALL possibilities as I'm sure that someone else interested in the same thing might need the same things. I am interested in ANYTHING a AI on a p[i can do, even merging multiple tpgether to make a more complicated AI.

Also, I have a Raspbian OS running on a 8 core Ryzen that I'll move to my new Threadripper 12 core soon. Is it possible to make a more complicated AI there and have it learn everything there before moving a "mature" save file to a real Pi for activation?

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