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Here's a quick (shaky) video of my Raspberry Pi controlled Roomba.
For this project I used the Raspberry Pi model B, an energizer rechargeable battery pack, a battery powered speaker, which also had USB out, powered hub, usb wireless, usb webcam, and the Roomba USB>Serial cable. Oh, and an Iphone5 to control it with.

A small python script runs on the pi which starts mjpg-streamer, and a socket listener, which takes commands from a custom built iPhone app over wifi.

You can control the robots movement and get streaming video courtesy of MJPG-Streamer. With port forwarding even works outside your home network.

Video is a bit slow, unfortunately, from MJPG-Streamer. Also, you can type text into the app, and the Pi will convert it from Text to speech using google, and say it on the speaker.
Still have some kinks to work out - can't seem to get it to dock, video flakes out, etc.,
Still pretty cool. Also, all this software would run on any standard *nix system with python. I tried it on ubuntu on an old netbook and it ran fine too. The pi is nice to do it on, since it has such low power requirements. ... ature=plcp

Hoping to add the ability to dispense pet treats. Any ideas?

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Re: piRoomba

Fri May 03, 2013 12:55 pm

Ohhh I'll dust off my old Roomba Dirt dog and put to work the RPI have if brought to life again ... :lol:
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