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Powering Pi 3 B+ and 6 or 12V Peristaltic Pump

Tue Jun 25, 2019 6:05 pm

I am looking to run a 6V or 12V peristaltic pump with a Pi 3 B+, which will also need power for a camera module V2 and a USB flashdrive.

The pumps I've found draw between 250-300mA during use, so powering it through the GPIO is not really an option. In a previous iteration of this project, a solenoid valve was supplemented with a 9V battery, but as the peristaltic pump will be active for longer periods of time it'd chew up batteries pretty quickly at that power draw.

What I'm looking for: a power supply configuration that would allow me to provide 2A to the Pi, and also 500mA at 6V or 12V to the pump. I have a breadboard for logical control of the pump and diode shielding of the GPIO, and can use that to step down voltages as needed as well. Any help or experience with a project like this is appreciated!

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Re: Powering Pi 3 B+ and 6 or 12V Peristaltic Pump

Thu Jun 27, 2019 7:34 am

I would go with a 12V mains supply that powers both the peristaltic pump and a step-down DC converter which provides 5V, 3A for the PI.
Search for LM2596, or any DC-DC step down buck converters

Since most of these converters need more than 1V drop between input and output, avoid the 6V pumps and use the 12V ones

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