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[ROS] 8-legged robot

Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 8:55 am
by florian.lallier
Hi everyone,

I am a student in an engineering school and I am currently working on a 3D printable 8-legged robot (a "spider"), controlled by a raspberry pi 3B+.
I would like to integrate on this robot :
- 24 digital servos (3 per leg)
- A camera
- 8 FSR (Force Sensing Resistor)
- An inertial sensor unit (Accel + Gyro + Mag)
- A Xbox 360 controler

After this, I would like this robot to be upgraded (Lidar, Machine Learning...)
All those components will work with ROS (Robot Operating System).

But I have to choose a servo controler for my Raspberry Pi as it can't control 24 servos at the same time.
I have chosen this controler for my servos : ... -21723.htm but the datasheet tells :
"On ARM-based Linux machines such as the Raspberry Pi, the Maestro’s graphical configuration program (the Maestro Control Center) does not work. This is caused by problems with Mono’s implementations of WinForms on those systems."

My english isn't very good, and it's the first time I am using a Raspberry so I would like to ask you if I can write a script on it even if I am using a Raspberry pi ?

If you are interested by my project, I can show you my progress of course :)

Thanks in advance,


Re: [ROS] 8-legged robot

Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 2:09 pm
by omegaman477
I have used this controller extensively in many projects. I have personally had 8 units realtime controlling 128 servos, all real time tracking. It controls any servo on the market.

Its bullet proof, flexible and simple to control. Being I2C you can use many of them on one bus. It simplifies the Servo wiring, allows for separate servo power supplies (a must in large servo rigs), has clean and tight Python Libraries for Raspbian. It is truely stand alone. Set the Servo Position via one command and forget it. So loop servicing, software PWM etc.

I know I suggest Adafruit Products a lot, but I do as they are good, cheap and so well supported.

Re: [ROS] 8-legged robot

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2020 9:29 pm
by kingjacob_2020
How was the project gone?