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Controlling IoT devices

Wed May 08, 2019 7:03 am


I've got a project lined up that will also serve as my Bachelors final work and I'm looking for some help. So in general, I plan to use temperature sensors to read the living room "status" and turn on/off devices connected via IoT in regard to the readings. I've already got the IoT devices, but now I'm looking for a RPi module that would support controlling them. The plan is to control everything with Python, from the readings up to the controlling.

Did you ever do something with IoT on RPi? What modules would you recommend? Currently I am looking at this ... way&sr=8-1. Please note, that I am starting this project as a newbie to RPi, but I have experience with Python. I'm a student of Informatics and I am programing in a company part time.

Thank you all for any ideas!

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Re: Controlling IoT devices

Mon May 13, 2019 10:47 pm

The device you are looking at, if the Amazon link is correct is a ZigBee to RPI gateway/bridge.

I assume it has its own I2C/SCA protocol to talk to the RPI, maybe even serial, its not clear from the add.

I assume you will be using a number of off the shelf ZigBee Thermometers, and reading them over the ZigBee radio into the RPI?

ZigBee devices ares technically a HOme Automation nodes, not strictly IoT's, but most ZigBee networks end up Internet connected.
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