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Pi for mushroom grow room automation.

Sat Apr 13, 2019 7:14 am

G'day all.
So i am growing mushrooms at the moment as a hobby and i am looking into an easier way to manage my grow rooms climate.
Eventually i would like to upscale and use the Pi as the control unit so i am starting off small with the Pi as a proof of concept.
I have seen it used as a green house climate controller but not much info on how many sensors and other things are hooked up to the Pi.
Not knowing much about the GPIO pins and how many extra bits and pieces i can hook up to the Pi i would really appreciate some advice on what i have in mind and if it's doable.
What i am thinking of doing is setting up a unit with one of the small lcd displays with buttons on it, i think it's the 16x2 or if i can find a 20x4 with buttons that would be awesome. It would also have a humidity/temp sensor along with a Co2 sensor eventually and a set of relays for turning 12 volt pc fans on and off.
I have seen a remote control unit for turning on and off remote controlled power board outlets, however the power board that comes with the RC Pi unit isn't sold in Australia, i have seen this and would like to know if it could also be turned on and off through the Pi Operates at 433.92 MHz
I know it's going to require coding to set all up and i can figure that all out once i get my head around the basics of Python and start the coding process.

So the way i would set it up is to have a 12 volt power supply to a box housing the Pi, relays and screen. The Pi would monitor humidity, temperatures and eventually Co2 levels. Once the humidity drops below a set value the Pi would activate one of the outlets on the power board and a pond fogger would be turned on, at the same time one of the relays would activate turning on a pc fan. Once the humidity has reached a set point the fan and pond fogger would shut off. I would use the C02 sensor to turn on a second fan to allow fresh air into the grow room.
Reason for the RC power board is so i don't need an electrician to connect up 240 volts to any relays.
i would also like to be able to have a battery backup in the box if the power goes out, when on battery backup it would just monitor what's happening in the grow room and not activate anything.

Eventually and if possible i would have 4 humidity/temperature sensors and 4 Co2 sensors to manage 4 separate grow rooms all from tho one unit.
Until i get to that point i will probably use another remote controlled power outlet to control lighting.

What would you all suggest is the best model Pi to use for this application?

Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Pi for mushroom grow room automation.

Sat Apr 13, 2019 11:29 am

If I help, do I get some mushrooms? :D

What you want is easily feasible with the Pi, but I bet there are others here who can help more specifically than I can for your case (I'm still a newb to the Pi but have plenty of electronics background). However...

That remote control socket is a great idea, but I don't think that one will do because I'm not sure you'll be able to talk to it. There are alternatives though.

I've just bought several Sonoff sockets and wireable switches. They are wifi and can be reprogrammed to run a standard protocol (MQTT) that the Pi can talk. So you can set up the Pi as an access point (if you aren't in range of one already) and have the sockets connect to it. There are people here doing that, because this is where I heard of them. I've got as far as reprogramming mine, but not had chance to get the Pi talking to them yet. I think you don't even need to use MQTT - perhaps you can just send an http request to them from your script... not sure until I get chance to play. ... ed-Devices

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Re: Pi for mushroom grow room automation.

Sat Apr 13, 2019 12:10 pm

Thanks for the reply NGC6543.

You can have some mushrooms mate, although i'm not to sure how they would hold up in the post.

Thanks for the info regarding wifi power sockets. I will have a look and see what's available over here.

I'm pretty new to any automation stuff with the Pi but understand the coding side of things. Used to program small games years ago so once i start it should be relatively straight forward once i get going with it. Although i used to use a language that was derived from Amiga blitz basic shouldn't be to much to get my head around Python. In theory, lol!


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