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Raspberry Pi Zero _+ 433Mhz Transmitter + Livolo switches

Tue Jan 01, 2019 10:20 pm

I've been struggling for quite some time to automate my living room lighting. I'm having doubts that it can be done in my current setup due to hardware limitations, but I would like someone to help me confirm that.

My hardware
- 4x radio controlled Livolo switches (433MHZ)
- Raspberry Pi Zero W
- 433 MHz transmitter and receiver - shop link
-- transmitter is connected to GPIO 27, ground and 5v power
-- receiver is connected to GPIO 17, ground and 3v power (5v rendered a lot of static on Piscope)

My software:
- clean installation of Raspbian Lite (updated)
- current 8.9.x LTS version of NodeJS
- most up to date WiringPi
- pigpiod installed on Raspberry
- piscope ]installed on remote Ubuntu for purposes of decoding the signal from remotes

Libs that I was trying to use:
- https://www.npmjs.com/package/livolo
- https://github.com/crankru/nodejs-livolo
- https://github.com/midorineko/rpi_autom ... /livolo.py
- https://github.com/roidayan/LivoloPi

Above libs did not work for me OOTB at all. I was trying each in multiple configurations. I was about to give up on the whole idea when I decided to try to reveres engineer the signal and simply implement working solution myself. I have used Piscope oscilloscope and a 433 MHz receiver to analyze the signal. I have broken down the signal from my original Livolo remote into smaller pieces and found out the lengths of pulses that are occurring there. With oscilloscope in place, I decided to give another try to the libraries tested earlier. I just wanted to check if they're producing a signal which is at least close to the one from a real remote control. It turned out they're not :o ! Although the pattern of pulses was quite ok they're lengths were way above the ones from a real remote. For instance, the preamble which normally takes about 520us was taking above 1000us. Same applied to other types of pulses and it means that with such lags it could not have worked at all.

Why am I getting these lags in the transmission? Does it mean that this version of Pi is simply not powerful enough and I just need to buy RPi3? That would be a bit strange, especially given that similar libs are written for a bit less powerful Arduino and they're working fine...

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Re: Raspberry Pi Zero _+ 433Mhz Transmitter + Livolo switches

Mon Jan 20, 2020 5:58 pm

Have you found any solution with Node?
I have the hardware, i googled a bit and i already feel this is gona be painful!!! :?

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