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Sensing Available Parking Spots

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 7:28 pm

I am conducting a research project that senses what parking spaces are available using image processing. Originally, I wanted to use FPV drone cameras to stream video to a computer, then process the image remotely. However, the image quality from FPV cameras is extremely low, which will affect the accuracy of the image processing. Alternatively, I am thinking of using a raspberry pi/camera setup that will process the video locally, then transmit the data. Unfortunately, There are some limiting factors that might be problematic. The camera sensors will be located at isolated positions (no power, no wifi) and need to be able to transmit the data over a distance of about 1km. My question is what setup would be capable of this while requiring the least amount power?

As of now this is my potential set up:

Pi Model: ... words=pi+3

Camera: ... merReviews

Power Source ... merReviews

Antenna ... B0721JNGRS

I have little experience with raspberry pi, so I greatly appreciate any suggestions and or alternatives.