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Communicating with other sensors distributed to other spaces

Tue Sep 18, 2018 6:03 am

Hello good folks,

I am currently conducting a design prototypes project with using RPi 3 B.

I try to make several sensors communicate with one design prototype (RPi as a central hub) at home. (I attached the picture).

Specifically, one sensor box (in the center of home, like the picture) receives sensor data from distributed sensors in real time, and translates these data in to high-level information, and reports this high-level informations to the user through some visual feedbacks (e.g., changing lights or showing some movements). For example, sensors could be motion sensors or touch sensors so that they will collect the data from householders' interactions with the sensors (e.g., the numbers of interactions). Depending on collected data, the sensor box (the hub) will triggers some reactions of LED lights on the sensor box.

To achieve this, I have tried ThinkSpeak and its talk-back application, and they didn't really work out very well (e.g., wifi connection is unstable and don't receive data from multiple sensors and process them ).
I have been looking for simpler solutions other than this since this summer but haven't found it yet.

Any feedback or suggestion will be extremely helpful at this point.

Thank you so much!
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