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Recommended Robotic Arm Project

Tue Aug 28, 2018 9:31 am


Just asking if anyone can recommend a reasonably low cost (£30 - £40) self build Robotic Arm Project.
I am running a physical computing workshop in our local FabLab and one of the students would like to build a simple robotic arm.
The arm will be pre-programmed but should include manual control either using a keyboard or joystick.
Preferable the parts for the project should be 3D printed (hence us using the FabLab as we have access to a number of printers and CNC laser cutter.

The project we have been considering is this one:

But it is Arduino based and we would like to build this using a Raspberry Pi Instead.

Many thanks
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Re: Recommended Robotic Arm Project

Tue Aug 28, 2018 9:44 am

There might be something suitable in the MeArm products from Mime Industries?

They used to promote Open Source hardware, so the cut-your-own design files might be on their site somewhere - I've never needed them so haven't looked closely.

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