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Raspberry pi controlled RC car

Wed Aug 22, 2018 8:58 pm

Hello everyone,
I would like to introduce my personal project, Raspberry pi controlled vehicle based on Tamiya CC-01 chassis. Car is controlled by user interface programmed in c#, which connects to Raspberry pi on car´s side and sends commands to it. Connection can be done by TCP socket(thats why the Wifi router is placed on it) or through NRF24L01 radio modules(for better range). There is also video server set up on Rpi, so it transmits real time video from web camera, which is attached to servo motors and can be moved. I also installed LED ramp to vehicle, so it can also be driven in the dark. Xbox controller as well as computer´s keyboard can be used for controlling car and some functions like camera movement and lights can be also controlled by mouse.

Raspberry pi is basically a "brain" of the whole car and has more pheripherals connected to it, mostly by USB. There is Pololu Maestro 6ch servo controller for controlling steering servo, camera servos, LED ramp and propulsion motor´s ESC. Arduino is connected for decoding messages from NRF24L01 module and sending them to Rpi as strings through USB serial. Web camera is also connected by USB. Rpi is connected to the router, which basically makes access point, so if you want to controll the car by TCP socket or watch live video, you just need to connect your computer to it. I also believe that router has much better wireless performance than Rpi. I used python programming language and some open source libraries to make Rpi work.

As for power supply, I used 7000mAh power bank to feed Rpi and router. Another 7.2V battery pack is used for propulsion and feeding NRF24L01 module.
I am working on Android App for controlling the vehicle (so far I am able to controll vehicle, but not to see the video) and I would also like to add some GPS sensor for tracking and displaying it´s position on the map.

This was just a brief introduction, If there is more interest in this project, I maybe can provide some more information.
This is my first real programming project aimed to learn and get better in programming and hardware and to figure out how to put things together and make them work.
Thank you for your oppinions and suggestions.
Anyway, Sorry for my english :)

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Re: Raspberry pi controlled RC car

Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:10 pm

hello dear Mike

that looks really great. I like all your ideas and the complete description is just very convincing.

I will dive into the same subject and will go in this direction too.

I will come back here in the next weeks

have a great day

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