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Which types of solenoid valves, flowmeters, humidifiers and other sensors can we use with RP and Nerves?

Tue May 15, 2018 11:29 am

Hello everyone

me and my colleague are developing software for optimisation and control of fuel cell stack. Now, we got stuck on hardware part of this project and we need your help. Please see a functional block diagram on the picture here.

First of all, we used Elixir (OS Linux) for server part, so we want to use Elixir (precisely Nerves framework, it could be considered Python also, but we prefer Nerves) on Raspberry Pi for optimisation/control and for connection with a server.
Further, sensors from 7, 8, to N are thermocouples (type K) and voltmeters/ampermeters respectively, for individual fuel cells.

So we're now dealing with following things:

Q1: We don't know which types of solenoid valves, flowmeters, humidifiers and other sensors will be compatibile and supported by Nerves. What is the best choice of these sensors for RP?

Q2: Which type of RP can you recommend for these purposes?

Q3: What type of bus is suitable for Nerves/Raspberry Pi and for all electronic devices and sensors? Is I2C suitable for this project?

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