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Using TTL to RS-485 Module with RBP3b

Tue May 15, 2018 10:07 am


I saw a lot of topics here, but nothing could help me.

I have exactly this model of TTL to RS485 Module:

I want to control LS Starvert iG5A:

All i did so far is connecting the one side of the RS485 module to the iG5A.
I really don't see how to connect it with the Raspberry and how to send the data.
In the manuals, i read only what kind of data you have to send to control the different things, but not How....

I found one wiring model here: ... Wiring.png
but i'm really not sure how to control these over these pins.

The current OS of the Raspberry right now is the latest Raspbian.
If need some other info, please ask.
So, please, any advices about that, will be much helpful.

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