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Pressure sensor with inaccurate readings for zero pressure

Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:35 am

Hi I have two of these pressure sensors

https://m.pt.aliexpress.com/item/108117 ... s-Tank-etc

I managed to connect them successfully with raspberry and ADC ads1115.

The issue is that for pressure zero I was supposed to have an output of about 500 mV but I have around 800mv

This happens in both of the two sensors.

I have another sensor similar, but with max pressure of 15bar instead of the 5bar of the other two

In this one of 15bar I have the expected 500mV of output.

Any ideas why the sensors give more 300mV volts in the output.

One important note is that they were giving the 500mV previously
May I have broken the sensor with the pi and a multimeter?
Help here please

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