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Hormann Garage door - Part 1 (open/shut sensor)

Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:36 pm

At home we have a Hormann Sectional Garage door, which is normally operated by a little key fob or one of the plastic remotes we have.

Everything works fine apart from two things:

1) As the garage is behind gates and at the back of the house, it's normally open most of the day when we're at home. BUT sometimes we forget to close it. This happens mostly in the winter when it get's dark earlier and we don't see it's open from the kitchen window.

2) One of the remotes has already broke and the other is following suit. Now by broke I mean the plastic housing not the functionality. The remote still works if you hold it all together.

So it's time now to look at a solution to these problems. What we're looking at doing is:

1) Have a sensor / system that can detect that the garage door isn't shut. Long term this will may involve having an alert sent to a phone after a certain time (say 9pm) or automatically close the door after it's been open a certain duration (say 3 hours). But for now we just want to be able to check the status.

2) Enable the garage door to be opened or closed via other methods: phone (bluetooth), a push button in the house or on a touch screen (android tablet, or RPi) in the kitchen.

So looking at the first problem I've just purchased an F10a shutter door sensor. The sensor is a normally closed R/S contact and is the one you'd normally see on commercial shutters and has four wires, 2 for contact and 2 for tamper. ... dp/SR00155

I have various incarnations of both Raspberry Pi and Arduino (including some cheap clones), so would appreciate any pointers or starting points as my searches have turned nothing up.

Specific advice / experience / guidance on:

* whether to use Arduino or RPi or a combination of the two (maybe Arduino clone connected to the sensor, providing feedback to a Raspberry Pi which is the main controller or central server when additional sensors are added).
* Wiring advice / starting points for code examples (more because I've never come across the tamper wires)


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Re: Hormann Garage door - Part 1 (open/shut sensor)

Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:50 pm


Your F10a shutter door sensor is just a switch and as such can be connected to the pi gpio like any other switch.

this should get you started. ... /physical/ ... ... omputing/7
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Re: Hormann Garage door - Part 1 (open/shut sensor)

Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:07 am

I can make a sensor in the right place and magnet repair the garage door. Magnet is supposed to be attached to what he has enough of sufficient distance because it does not interfere with the gateway foldaway.

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