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Project: Usage statics of 240v circuit written to access database

Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:23 pm

Good morning all.

I have a project in mind, as yet I’ve not purchased nor used a Pi. I have a fair amount of IT knowledge but no real coding skills. I can however fumble my way through access VBA.

Project objective: Quantify and analyse efficiency of a machine.

Background: We have a number of test machines utilised 24 hours a day where when the machine is active a 240v red light is active. Efficiency of the machine can be determined by the time taken for the operator to reload and restart the machine. This can vary dramatically by operator and item under test. We record the test result and number of test undertaken to complete one item. The PI would be responsible for logging the number of tests (on /off cycles of the 240v), test durations (time on / time off) and time between tests (time off / time on).

Ideal scenario: Pi connects wirelessly (no Ethernet available) to MS Access backend database on windows domain and writes the following information:

TestRigID: unique identifier for test rig
TestOn: ddmmyyyy:hhmmss
TestOff: ddmmyyyy:hhmmss

Further expanding on this would be to allow the operator to input 2 unique Identifiers when commencing any new test subject. One would identify the operator and the other would identify the test item. This would be an extension to the project and allow tracking of the on / off cycles to a specific operator and test item.

Access would then be able to easily run the analysis of the information.

As I said at the beginning. I’ve no real idea on where to begin with this one, but I believe all sections are possible. I have full access to the 240v circuit and the access backend. The domain controller is more restricted but I can have a new user created for the Pi if needed.

For expansion of the project to obtain identification of the test subject and operator this would require an input and display method for the operator. This could be further utilised by displaying the effective efficiency of the test rig to the operator.

Project cost is not an issue. If I can get this to work successfully the benefits would far outweigh any associated costs.

The main reason for this post is to give an overview of what I’d like to do, and hopefully entice some great direction and discussion from you all :)

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to any and all ideas!


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