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Homebrew Solution for Monitoring Heating Oil Levels

Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:41 pm

Hi All,

My home central heating system runs on oil, rather than Gas. I have a 1000 litre tank in the garden, which is filled on average every 3 months.

However, I need to check the oil levels manually to ensure that when it runs low, I order from the oil supplier in good time. There have been occasions where i’ve forgotten to check the level and i’ve run out - resulting in no heating or hot water for about a week...or paying an extortionate rate to the oil supplier to send an emergency delivery!!

Anyway - looking for ideas on a home made solution that will automatically monitor he oil levels in my tank and notify me at certain levels, when it’s reaching empty.

I know you can but monitoring devices that can do this, but thought it would be more fun to build something. Examples of what are already out there... ... 20&bih=492

As the oil tank is outside, any solution will need to be water proof and power might be the biggest challenge!!

Perhaps it will be too difficult and easier + cheaper to buy off the shelf, but thought I’d ask the community first.


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Re: Homebrew Solution for Monitoring Heating Oil Levels

Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:10 pm

Oil consumption is very low (in litres per minute) so there is almost no pressure drop along the supply pipe to the boiler (in the house).
So, to first avoid outdoor electronics and needing to run power out and data back: I would recommend a pressure sensor very close to the boiler.
Ideally an I2s unit with appropriate pressure rang (probably 0~30 Pa) But you might get some use from a car engine oil pressure sensor, they are analogue but are designed to work up to ~2.5MPa, so are a bit on the coarse side for a heating oil tank.

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