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Make golf not war

Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:50 pm

Make golf not war
Please excuse the indents the tab is not translating properly for me.

Trebuchet Golf/ Medieval Golf
This idea I have had for about 6+ years.
It is a set of rules for allowing robots on golf courses.
It is for paraplegic’s/quadriplegic’s, and to excite inventers/children to build robots.


This does not allow the disabled to enjoy golf.

Same (safety) curtesy rules
Robot/equipment must be safe
To the people
To the course
To the environment
You are responsible for all acctions.

•Instead of clubs
The ball must not have any other mechanical advantage other than the medieval weapon. IE if you are using a trebuchet, you must only use its centrifugal force.
Must be equivalent to gulf clubs in that there must be set trajectories
The distance is determined by weight

Three types
Remote control
Programmable autonomous
It must only have the same pounds per inch that an average person puts on the course.
Must be only as tall as a 6.5ft man with a club on apex of the swing.
It must have enough energy to go five holes before refueling, having the “fuel” stored at the fourth/fifth, ninth, and thirteenth/fourteenth.
Must be able to play the ball where lay or further from the hole
If able to move in the ruff, it must be able to retrieve the ball and play where it went off the green.
Else take the regular penalty for a lost ball.
The player cannot have any advantages over the regular players.
No auto trajectory
Not auto aiming
No auto distancing
Unfair ranging
•There is to be no modifications to the course for the robots. Other than fuel
If unable to play from the tee, the player must take a stroke and play from the shortest able distance to the tee.
"Other than fuel"
The player is responsible for the fuel.
The cost
Making sure it is at the appropriate points on the golf course.
Making sure it is the proper type.
If batteries are used it must not take more than 5 min to change/charge, to keep the same order.
If fuel is used it must only take 5 min and be safe to change or recharge.
You are responsible for all accidents.
•Holing/short game(putting)
The device for the short game must be a single action mechanical push/swing, the robot cannot move.
The player may take a par penalty to role the ball into the hole, so long as the ball is on the green. ie. If the player has two “swings” and is on the green for a par three hole, and the robot cannot play the short game, the player must take a five swings for the hole.
•Sand traps
If the robot cannot survive the sand trap
The old rule applies
The player must take a swing/point and play where the ball entered the trap.
If the robot can survive the sand trap
It must play where it lay
If the robot cannot survive the ruff
The old rule applies
The player must take a swing and play where the ball entered the ruff.
If the robot can survive the ruff
It must play where it lay
May rotate two ball so long as they are the same
The robot will have only the same amount of balls plus one for the rotate
•The operator
The assumption is that the operator is to have as much interaction as possible.
The operator must figure out the normal golfer’s problem.
Min/max range
Weight for swing
This is not like any other bulletin boards that I have been on. Been flamed on other BB's so bad I was afraid to ask.

All my Raspberry Pi's are like the Hessian artilleryman of Sleepy Hollow.

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