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PiBlynk libraries for RPi - Javascript and Python

Thu Jun 01, 2017 3:58 am

I have posted to github:

a pair of blynk libraries to control the Raspberry Pi from the blynk APP on smartphone.

One operates on nodejs (upgraded to V6, and only on armV7).
The other runs on any Pi with python or python3.

Design targets:
* stability in connection to server
* full suite of interfacing functions
* similarity of functions/functionality in the two versions, as far as the languages allow
* easy compatibility with Raspberry Pi GPIO and PiCamera

* Automatic connecting to Blynk server, and maintaining that connection.
* Full suite of functions for interfacing to GPIO and virtual pins of the Blynk protocol.
* Nil custom coding for simplest GPIO in/out
* Widget object for LCD
* Widget for GPS (with distance and direction),
* Widget for accelerometer (with pitch and roll)
* Generic buffering widget for any sensor pushing data from APP (eg lightmeter)
* Send email, tweet, smartphone notification.
* Change phone widget properties (colour, label)
* Widget for a “bridge”, ie gpio or virtual commands to another hardware device.
* Compatible with PiCamera
* Works on Android, iPhone, tablets
* Access your RPi from anywhere on the internet
* Extensive example files.

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