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esp8266 loading sketch from pi

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:36 pm
by dliloch
I've been able to use the raspberry pi and the Arduino 1.8.2 code to load the Adafruit HuZZAH throught the usb connection with my sketch. Next I bought a much lower priced ESP8266 board without the usb connection and I am trying to load it with the usb to serial connection from the pi using a serial TTL cable. I am powering the board off the 3.3v pin from the pi. I can talk to the device which is an ESP-01S using AT commands.
But when I put the ground on GPIO0 and try and upload the sketch from the Arduino I get:
a series of warning:espcomm_send_command: cant receive slip payload data and then
error: espcomm_open failed
error:espcomm_upload_mem failed
On other boards devoted to the ESP8266 they have mentioned how critical the 3.3 voltage is.
so my question is: has anyone successfully flashed an ESP8266 via the serial TTL cable?
and does the pi's 3.3v pin deliver at least 200ma?

Re: esp8266 loading sketch from pi

Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 7:54 pm
by dliloch
found it...!:-) I could not just put the ground wire to IO0. I had to power off and then put the ground to IO0 and then power on.
the port switched from /dev/USB0 to /dev/USB1... I reconnected to USB1 and then I clicked on upload . it worked .. after
load completed I took power off removed ground and powered on again. Now /dev/USB1 was gone and /dev/USB0 was there.
I connected to this port and touched the rst pin to ground and it connected again (it connected at power up but I did not have my serial monitor active to see it). I now noticed that the ability to issue AT commands was gone but that is fine .. I think you have to reflash the firmware to get this back ... The Pis 3.3v rail is fine. I am now powering it successfully with 2-AA batteries ... this will be my new garage door opener once my AMAZON DASH buttons fail ...or AMAZON changes the rules ..