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strange vgrabbj problem

Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:18 pm

Well, first off in daemon mode, its way slow. but thats not the real problem here.

and it seems to only work with ForcedPalette set to 4 ( -F 4 ). But thats not the real problem either. {sorry for the rant}

Its that in single shot VGA mode, I can only seem to get vgrabbj to pull down a 'cif' or 'sif' sized image. When ever I try to pull down a 'vga' sized image, its just says 'Reading from /dev/video0' and just hangs there for several minutes for which i then must open Task Manager and 'kill' it.

qcif = 176x144 -----> working
sif = 320x240 -----> working
cif = 352x288 -----> working
vga = 640x480 -----> not working

OS: Raspian (Wheezy)
CAM: GearHead 1.3 MP WebCam ( UVC compatible ) Website:
Its called model WC750RED on the website.

any help would be appreciated.

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