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raspi or arduino

Wed Dec 30, 2015 8:41 pm

Hey folks,
I'd like to start a project but haven't decided what platform to utilize. I have no experience with arduino have been using my Pi for 4-5 months.

Please excuse any ignorance, i've only read some tutorials and have never used an Arduino device of any kind. I'm trying to decide whether raspberry pi or arduino would be better suited to complete the following. (I guess this group will be a little prejudice - - ha ha)

Project idea:

Push a button to start a timer and light an led at different intervals, Green for 60, seconds, then switch to Yellow and stay on for 2 min, then switch to a Red, and stay on for 2 min. At the same time be able to play a simple wave or mp3 file.

Power needs to be internal, device will need to be switched off when not in use to conserve battery.

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Re: raspi or arduino

Thu Jan 07, 2016 9:05 pm

I have both Raspberry Pi and Arduino experience having used both in varying capacities. I recently did something similar where I needed the ability to give pushbutton commands a headless Raspberry Pi system. At first I thought an Arduino would be the easiest tool for the job having not used the GPIO in raspberry pi before, but I figured I'd look into it to see if I could avoid having to add more hardware to my project.

I can't find the tutorial I used to figure this out before at the moment, but this one is very similar and shows how to use GPIO on the Raspberry Pi to do what you need:

* http://raspberrywebserver.com/gpio/dete ... -GPIO.html

As far as your power conservation concerns, I think that problem is perfectly solvable using either platform. Good luck!

- Spool

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Re: raspi or arduino

Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:35 pm

For the power requirements arduino would be best.

For the LEDs either could cope.

For the audio output the Pi is better. But adafruit have a range of sound boards which will fill that gap.

My advice would be to choose arduino + soundboard.
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Re: raspi or arduino

Sat Feb 13, 2016 3:25 pm

the simple answer is BRAINS. What you require doesn't require having them. So arduino, plus has better power consumption.
When thinking is needed, then you use the pi. I use arduino to collect sensor input, and output, and pi to process it. This allows less chance of catastrophic failure if a power relay shorts or the a/c system motor spikes. the local arduino will take the surge and protect the main pi controller. Plus I only need to send a command signal that fire was detected and the local arduino will handle the cascading lights on stairs, and send elevator up so I don't need to worry about the house power going out, and the elevator will still work to go down in. The pi can decide when rainfall isn't enough and turn on sprinklers. It doesn't need to control them, it delegates authority. Long term I am looking at thousands of sensors for everything, you don't want to bog down the pi monitoring for snipers in the trees that may only happen once every 8 years when a crook is in office. But it IS needed to calculate trajectories for home defense system to take them out when they are detected. Arduino while nice can never cope with surface to air defenses to take out helicopter gun ships. Star wars is way over it's pay grade. but quad core 900mhz can do the math and track them. These new iphones themselves look like a good platform for defense automation as well. that way you can cover your retreat. Alas the apple store hasn't been able to answer my questions about gyro sensitivity for use as a gun sight controller, and i'm not blowing $700 to find out it won't do the job when there are $50 sensors I know will work.

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